45 Minutes

This is our trademark class, a combination of HITT (high intensity interval training) and cross fit style movements packed into a 45minute all out Grind.



45 Minutes

A combination of bag, pad work and body weight exercises in one high intensity boxing session.

Equipment needed: boxing gloves and hand wraps (if you don't have your own we do have a limited number of gloves we can lend you but for hygiene reasons we do recommend you consider purchasing your own if you are interested in attending Box class regularly).


45 Minutes

High intensity interval weight training, focusing on building strength in the upper and lower body. Classes are designed in 6 week blocks, keeping a track of weights and strength to see how well your progressing.

Level:Beginner to Advanced

Class Times:

  • Monday 5.45PM

  • Wednesday 9.45am



45 Minutes

High intensity interval training, short sharp bursts of energy, using equipment and body weight exercsies. Work through different exercises, get the heart rate up and feel the burn. Level: Beginner to advanced.

Class Times:

  • Wednesday 5.45pm

  • Thursday 5.45pm



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