its not about perfect, its about effort, when you bring effort every single day, thats where transformaton happens, thats how change occurs.


Georgia Lane testimonial

“Going into healthy habits my goals weren’t to lose weight (although that is a plus), they were to gain strength and build more muscle. I always thought eating less was the way, but healthy habits taught me that fuelling your body with the right food gets you the results you want, if not more. The meal plans were amazing! Affordable, delicious and timesaving.
I never thought I would be where I am today but I am, thanks to healthy habits and Sasha. The personal guidance I had, helped me overcome and learn soo much! I would recommend healthy habits to people with all sorts of goals as I can guarantee you will come out of it feeling fulfilled and accomplished!”✊🏽
(This transformation was over two 8 week healthy habit challenges)


Teena Simms Testimonial

”Before i started Healthy Habits i had such an unhealthy relationship with food, so bad that i had convinced myself that eating little would help me lose weight. I was obsessed with the scales and constantly trying to cut out bad food but falling of the wagon time and time again. I was self-sabotaging myself exercising hard but still gaining weight instead of losing it.
I jumped on Healthy Habits, Sasha created my own personal plan. At first i thought this is crazy look at all this food i have to eat every day. But soon i started looking at food differently. The food i was eating was fuelling my body i felt less tired and my performance in the gym was improving. The food is a healthy balance, and not super restrictive and easy to follow. Healthy Habits has taught me to look at food differently and not worry about the number on scales. I highly recommend Healthy Habits the support and encouragement from Sasha is 💯, if you do the mahi you get the results.


katie Little testimonial

I had abdominal surgery about a year ago, I was told to take it easy, make sure I recovered properly and pretty much give up the gym for about 6 months while my body healed. The time off, getting older and hormonal changes meant I had gained weight, lost muscle,struggled with mobility and lost a lot of confidence within myself and I felt stuck . When I first sat down with Sasha she went over my typical day and I was really suprised when she told me I was undereating! I was Skipping meals, eating erratically, had no routine or plan and I would put a lot of pressure on myself when I would go into the gym. When you go from being super fit and mobile to almost having to re learn how to move your body again it really takes a hit at your confidence. 😢
Since being on Healthy Habits I've eaten breakfast everyday, ( I never use to) planned all my meals and snacks and have never been hungry. I don't work typical hours and having a plan and meal prep was key, I've had way more energy and I have never felt like I'm on a "diet". food is fuel. ✔️
I set a goal during healthy habits to compete in a functional fitness competition and it has given me a purpose for training again, my confidence has boosted and is still a work in progress but I can say I am way further than where I was a year ago.
Healthy habits is a realistic and sustainable 8 week plan and has taught me so much about what my body actually needs, wants and deserves, my journey isnt over and I’m still striving to do better but if you are like me and are feeling a little stuck and unsure of what to do this plan is a great way to go.