We want our clients to love training, to strive to wake up every day, excited about moving their body and testing their limits in a way that they feel safe and supported.



 I’ve been training with Sash and Grind health and fitness for just under a year now. 

Before I came to her I was at the biggest size I had ever been in my life, it had a significant effect on my self-confidence, motivation and my overall spirit was pretty low. 

I knew before I started with Sash that I’d be a bridesmaid for one of my closest friends, we had the same dress but it was a tight squeeze to get into mine. There was no way I wanted to be the one bridesmaid that had to find a different dress due to my size. 

I was really scared to get back into the gym and it certainly wasn’t easy once I got started. However, Sash made it fun, she mixes it up, playes lots of up beat music and keeps it fresh – ranging from Hiit sessions, boxing, bodyweight training, strength building etc. I never once got bored or felt alone. Sash has attracted an amazing bunch of people and we all train together, we have our own stories, we’re all on our own journeys. We encourage and inspire each other to push through the burn and to reach our goals. 

I love the vibe of the Grind and it works for me. Since I started this journey I’ve lost 13kgs and yes I fit my bridesmaids dress! 

Sash is an incredible trainer; she’s dedicated to a holistic transformation – seeing positive changes physically, mentally and spiritually. I’m a happier, stronger wahine because of Sash and the Grind and to this day still very surprised by how much I can lift, press and push! 

I’ve still got a way to go to get where I want to be but I’m happy with the path I’ve chosen to get there.   I highly recommend the Grind Health and Fitness! 

Couldn’t thank you enough Sash! 

Emily x



My given name is Timothy those who know & love 💗 me call me Timmy.

My transformation journey began in August 2017 with Grind Health & Fitness 8 Week Transformation Challenge the hardest regimen physically, mentally and nutritionally for me. I had neglected myself for several years, alcohol, junk food, fast food were regular in my diet - you name I ate it and I needed to change.

Although in the fitness industry I was fit for the classes I taught but the truth was my conditioning for body weight excerises was a shock to me. Being a big man I had a lot of weight to move. I now have new nutritional and training habits I was told instead of looking at the big picture just chip away at it bit by bit.

Fast forward to today 14kgs lighter, a hell of a lot leaner and far more healthier and in the best shape in years. What a feeling fitting clothes I haven’t worn since 2012 - there’s no going back!

Having an inspirational trainer who is so passionate in her craft and you as a client...

...Sasha truely wants you to reach your full potential and has your back the whole way.

She has inspired and motivated me to push through the pain and reach further. I’ve been on so many adventures with Grind Health and Fitness and sharing other clients experiencing the same transformation is so motivating and fun. 

So gentlemen make the change and get busy living.

Tim Fairlie 

Grind Health & Fitness Client.

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Grind health and fitness is the perfect combination of tough, supportive and kind.. i am much fitter, stronger and have been pushed to do things i would normally shy away from. 

Sash is very passionate about fitness and wellbeing and it shows through the energy and challenges she brings to every single session!

The grind crew motivate me (and my amazing training buddy Jane) to push past our perceived limits and we are getting fantastic results.

Completing one of the workout sets feels like a real achievement!! I had been training and teaching classes inside my comfort zone for too long and stepping things up has been very rewarding. It's amazing what you can achieve when surrounded by the right people who have your genuine interests at heart!

Thank you for everything Sasha- I am so grateful to work with you.